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...the Village.

It takes a village. The adage may seem outdated but it is more critical now. With our lives becoming busier than ever, families need schools, faith-based institutions, and youth serving agencies to help children and youth reach their full potential. Supportive adult relationships enrich young people's lives. Their are very common stories about the coach that encouraged the athlete, the teacher that wouldn't allow the student to fail, the pastor that took in a child and their siblings, the youth agency that served as a safe haven in the bad neighborhood, the neighbor that always asks about report cards or drives the car pool. The bus driver that buys Christmas gifts for his entire route or the janitor that provides a scholarship for students each year or the janitor that maintains a closet of necessities for her most needy students. These adults are all apart of the village that lifts up our youth towards success.

Who's helping the village?

Start2Soar, LLC is dedicated to working towards high quality youth programming for all youth and children. Young people deserve equitable programs that will allow them to reach their greatest potential and experience the future that they deserve. By individually coaching youth development professionals, we are dedicated to creating a stronger, more impactful village.


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